news of the 27.10.2008 - UPDATES

It is finished. The whole site, including database is converted now to UTF-8. Since some small problems with the presentation of the Russian character. Furthermore, I have created a Russian keyboard, so that the Russian word immediately in the text box can. In addition I optimized the search process and built a Live Search, where you can see what other people are looking for.
Have fun.

news of the 31.01.2008 - is ready - the online translators has finally got ready after 3 months development time. You wonder for what the domain name certainly stands: It stands for 3 languages (in German: 3 languages). How the name already says, can one translate here in 3 languages? This German English dictionary includes about 350.000 translations, the German Russian dictionary contains over 310.000 translations. Furthermore you find a vocabulary trainer aid words here about 1.000 according to different lessons sortedly.

news of the 19. Januar 2008 - manufacture soon stands shortly before the completion. The English database is only missing. Furthermore I have decided to develop a vocabulary building aid which is already ready. As well as some free and useful programmes. I think that this page at the 06.02.2008 is ready and I can start with the marketing of the web page.